Sunday, December 12, 2010

Our wedding day was perfect. We put everything together pretty quickly, but it all worked out just right. Even though we only gave people about 2 weeks notice, almost all of our family was able to come. The weather was better than we could have hoped for on a November morning. We were able to use the caterer, photographer, and florist that we had originally wanted even though we gave them such short notice. The sealing was beautiful and all in all it was a wonderful day!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Our First Thanksgiving

Today was our first Thanksgiving Day as a married couple. We are grateful for many things and both feel very blessed this year. For one, our sealing this November was a highlight which has enriched our lives. It has been a delight moving from our first date, to dating, being engaged and now coming full circle and starting a new relationship as a married couple.

What would the day be like without a few dishes to pass the time? We reminisced about last year's feast; Mandie and I worked Thanksgiving Day last year but still got together before I had to drive home. Mandie had made a delicious homemade apple pie.

Mandie made everything while I was asleep and before I returned home from work.
Squash Soup: baked butternut squash ran through a food mill for texture before finishing on the stove top
Turkey Breast: soaked in a brine overnight and baked in cast iron cookware
Bean Green Casserole: blanched fresh green beans to keep them crispy and greeny were baked in a cast iron skillet with a fresh mushroom rue

Caramelized Onions with Gratin Potatoes: sliced with a food mandolin to get really thin slices then baked

Sides: Honey Glazed Carrots, Cranberry Sauce, and Dinner Rolls
Key Lime Pie: freshly squeezed key limes were added to heavy cream and sweetened condensed milk... it tasted like delicious sweet-tart ice cream on a graham cracker crust

Banana Pumpkin Pie: baked bananas and sugar pumpkins were blended together and finished with a meringue topping .. I was a bit worried at first but wow it was delicious.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Quote of the Day

"Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for."

I read this on my little sister's blog and thought it was very fitting for Adam's and my situation. Sometimes I feel so frustrated that we have to wait to get sealed that maybe I am forgetting to stop and enjoy just being with Adam. Even though we are not married yet, we still have a lot of fun and love to share with eachother! He makes me so happy! And it is true, our relationship was once something I only hoped for but never thought I would really have. So maybe we can just enjoy being with eachother and being in love. I know it won't be too much longer before we can get married, but until then, I still love every minute with him! Here are some of the things we have been up to lately.

Riding Bikes! Well, really, I have only ridden once with Adam, but it was so fun! Adam bought me a bike frame and put together this cute little white road bike. And bought me a pink and white helmet. What a sweetie. We rode up Provo Canyon and I think I did pretty well for my first time. Adam really loves to bike and I am so excited that I can share that with him now. I will be a pro before you know it!!
We saw Lion King at Capitol Theatre with the whole family. I love musicals and thought it was so fun. Mary Poppins is coming this time next year, I am already getting excited for that one.

Here we are at the Manti Temple. I had never been to this temple before, so that was a really neat experience. I love our little day trips and adventures.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I am really bad at blogging...I wanted to just post something on my blog about Adam and I but I couldn't figure out how to use my old blog. So I figured this was a good time to start a new blog for Adam and I. We just got engaged last week! YAY!! I'm so happy that we found eachother and that we get to be together forever.

Adam is the love of my life. I liked him from the minute I met him. He was so sweet and so kind. I can still remember how excited and nervous I was the first time he called and the first time we went out. I reall wanted him to like me! Adam was a good, genuine, kind, and respectful guy. Not like most guys I had met or dated. In fact, before we started dating, I didn't even know that someone as wonderful as Adam could even exist.

TJ and Tara got married in Arizona after Adam and I had been dating for around 2 months. I was excited for them but sad that I wouldn't be seeing Adam. I couldn't believe how much I missed him! That was when I knew that I wanted to be with Adam forever.

Getting to know Adam and thinking about our future together has been such a wonderful experience. We have already experienced so many things together like car accidents, uclers, sickness, school, and of course all the good things too :) I'm excited to see everything else life has in store for us, and I know that we can face anything as long as we have eachother.